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Cloud Computing

Do you find your IT department to be only "partly cloudy?" Let us help you find sunny skies in the cloud. There is no doubt that the cloud is the future and bringing the ‘Future’ to you is our goal. Whether it is an on premise private cloud solution, a robust multi-regional public cloud offering, or even a hybrid model -- Future CIS can work with you to migrate or mature your cloud adoption.

We offer a full range of cloud based solutions to include IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and BaaS. Let us find the solution that works best for your organization and bring you into the future.



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Cloud Strategy

Cloud migration and maturity is an art. Out of the three main IT pillars of people, process, technology; people can be the most difficult to shift. Culture shift towards cloud is sometimes seen as a threat to some groups when in reality it allows them to be empowered. Stakeholders see cloud as a way to reduce IT costs and increase efficiency. Reality is in the middle. 

Future CIS, will work with all layers of your organization to assist withe the cloud migration and adoption process to ensure stakeholders get the cost savings they need without disruption of services. We also empower your support staff to advance technical solutions and meet end user requirements quickly and efficiently. This allows for a seamless transition and minimal disruptions.

Analyze Cloud Readiness
Migration Assessments
Strategy & Project Plan
Stakeholder Buy-In
ID Cloud Target Architecture
Analysis & Planning
Cloud Native App Dev
Cloud Native Architecture
Custom Platform Implementation
Application Modernization
Transition & Migration  Services
Execution & Migration
Managed Services
Custom Enabled Services
Monitoring & Analysis
Refactoring & Review
Measure and Report
Operational & Delivering
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