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Future CIS specializes in modernizing data centers operations and enterprise systems. Change is difficult. In an environment as complex and constantly in flux as a data center, the saying “Change is difficult” is especially true. Data center modernization and agility initiatives are the foundation for hybrid cloud architectures. 


We work with you to migrate legacy architecture and business applications to a scalable, service-oriented and reliable architecture that improve user experience, reduce maintenance costs and provides for a full digital transformation to meet strategic objectives for now and the future.

Data Center Modernization

Our Approach

Future CIS takes a 3 step approach to data center modernization - Sustain, Optimize, Transform. We enable you to Sustain current operations, Optimize current workloads and business objectives, and Transform your organization to make you future proof.​​


  • Application availability - Ensure all current operations and systems remain available

  • Evaluate and Strategize - Create gap analysis & delivery plan that meets business objectives & strategy

  • Adoption of modern methodologies - Implement/mature DevOpsSec and Agile methods where applicable


  • Tool optimization and consolidation - Integration with standardized API's and reduce extra tools

  • Skillset refresh - Ensure personnel are skilled on modern and future technologies and methodologies

  • Repeatable, secure, and automated - Automate build processes with security for repeatable deployments


  • Hybrid Cloud - Implement a strategy that incorporates an on-prem/co-lo/public cloud solution

  • Integration with ITSM/SAFE - Enhance process management, asset management and incident response

  • Improved service catalog - Offer your customers what they need; IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, BaaS

Your Benefits

Our Three Step approach will help your data center reduce costs while increasing delivery and availability. In each step of the process, costs are reduced and availability and delivery are increased.​ 


  • Delivery improvement - Implements an industry proven methodology tailored to you, to allow for rapid delivery and proven success

  • Availability - Maintain current business objectives​ and ensure no interruptions to existing services during modernization

  • Repeatable results - Ensures a methodical and detailed execution plan for all modernization efforts


  • Reduced costs - Realization of initial cost savings from consolidation and integration

  • Workload segmentation - Allows your workloads to reside where needed for availability 

  • Enhanced flexibility - Develop new architectural paradigms, such as SOA, that segregate presentation, business logic and data layers

  • Extend solution life-cycles - Employ technologies that facilitates robust and adaptable software product lines to support current and future objectives


  • Flexibility and adaptability - With a hybrid strategy, applications and workloads can run where they make the most sense. 

  • Reduced costs - Substantial savings due to reduction of legacy systems

  • Single pane of glass - Allows enterprise to be managed proactively instead of reactively

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